Pagan Shadows

Research and studies By: Timothy M. Youngblood
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Do you want to be sure you are following the true Messiah who died for mankind?
Question is;
Who do you worship and do you dare read this factual research below?

There is an interesting deception that is brought against the true Messiah and the Churches going under the name of Christ. Many Churches have accepted pagan religious beliefs and discount the true Messiah and His true teachings all the way from the virgin birth, to the resurrection from the dead and the day of His ascension to the throne of the Holy Father in Heaven. These Christian leaders have truly taken things out of Satan's own playbook by incorporating pagan gods and pagan ceremonies into their churches thus casting pagan shadows over the very bible that teaches against these pagan gods.

If concerned and want to insure you are not following a false Messiah check out the links below.

Sun Worship in Christianity?

History : Timeline ~ Paganism married into the Christian Religion. and Added beliefs to The Christian Religion

For the truth on this click here Hellinistic Influence on Christianity

Is it possible that you worship a pagan symbol? The question is; are you willing to take the test?
If so click on the link below and go through ALL the points then you might find the answer.

Research on the term "Christian"

Do you worship a pagan symbol?

Just what is the Church? and Are we under the Law of Moses?

One major false teaching the Pagan Hellenist brought into the Christian Church is that people go to heaven.

Do people go to heaven after death?

Timothy M. Youngblood
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