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Did you know that most Christians don't believe their own bibles? The question is do you know and believe what your bible teaches? Have you proven for yourself what you believe? We find a dire warning to all Christians in II Thes. 2:3, that there will be a great falling away from the truth in the end times. It states..."Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition," These and other scriptures warn of "a great deception" of the written word of God that is predicted to come about in the last days.

Please read the complete page here and then if you are interested to learn what real research has uncovered click on the blue links for bible study. We understand that all ministers are not teaching error in a malicious way, but through our research we have found that there are ministers and members alike that know they are deceiving the people and are trained for that purpose, and remember that Jesus Himself stated that there are tares sown among the wheat in Matt: 13: 25-30. The bible warns that these deceivers teaching in Jesus' name will be men claiming to be ministers and members of Christ's Church but will be sent to deceive, even if possible, the very elect. Matt: 25:5, and Matt:24-24.

Bible studies should be for the purpose of finding the "facts" concerning what the bible teaches but many ministers teach what they were taught in their bible college without even considering that their college only teaches according to their beliefs, and their beliefs will vary depending on the history of the college. The question is do you want the truth, or are you happy to continue believing what you have been taught? The warning in II Thes. 2:3, as noted above, is a warning for us today but are you going to heed the warning? Are you going to be concerned and study the scriptures for yourself? You are free to believe whatever you want, God will not take away your free will choice, but please believe that Satan has not ceased at all in his quest to destroy the gospel of Jesus our savior, and please never underestimate Satan's deceptions.

It is very disappointing that Most Christian Churches today have quit teaching lessons, and giving biblical instructions, but seem to want to just sing songs and give short feel good sermons, while they minimize the warnings about Satan and his goals. Because of this letting down of the teachings about Satan's goals there remains fertile ground for this ongoing Apostasy in many of the churches called Christian. It does not matter if one is a Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist, Church of Christ , Seventh day Adventists, Messianic Jews, or one of the offshoots of the World Wide Church of God. Many have had pagan religions and practices weaved into their church doctrines over the years, and are unknowingly going into Apostasy. When one looks into the long history of the Catholic Church we find that many pagans were accepted into that Church over the years expecting to convert them, however, because of the pagans strength in numbers and influence they changed the Church. The pagan gods such as Sun worship , Tammuz, Ester , Argus, and the Queen of heaven (Or Mylitta) were among those accepted and given Christian names, and even the out-cast Churches retained many of the old pagan practices when the Protestant reformation ended.

Brethren, the important thing to realize is if we accept these false gods in any way, we very well may be accepting another gospel, and looking to another savior. You might want to read this article titled "The Lord's table". Our research shows that there's been a plan in place for hundreds of years to deceive many true Christians into a false Church with the name Christ on the door. Satan is much more shrewd than any human and as the Apostle Paul warned in 2 Cor 11:13-14, the deceivers would come as apostles, but would be deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ and no wonder, he stated, for Satan himself transforms himself into an angel of light." This Apostasy's name is Ecumenical, and you can read much more extensively about this movement here in Apostasy Now."

All Christians should be aware of the true facts concerning the many important subjects such as; What is the true gospel of Jesus? What is the Holy Spirit? What is true salvation? What type of Church Government did Jesus teach should be used? What is, and how can you know the divinity of Jesus the Messiah? What is the unpardonable sin and how to avoid it. What is the New covenant and how to understand God's true seven-point plan of salvation. What is the Kingdom of God and will you be there? And what really happens after death and Hell; Just what is it and do you really go to heaven?

Who truly holds the keys to the Kingdom and what He will do with them? Do you truly understand what faith is and how to pray with faith? Do you understand why there is such a controversy concerning Law vs. Grace and what the bible reveals? Do you know where the teaching of the trinity came from and can you prove it from your bible? Have you asked why the cross is used as a symbol of Christ' death and what is the true history of the cross?

Do you know where the practice of Christ-mass, and Easter came from and why Christians observe these holidays? Do you know why Easter services are conducted facing the sun as it rises? Do you know why most Christians observe Sunday as the main day of worship when Jesus and all the early Church observed the seventh day Sabbath? Have you ever asked where the practice of Sunday worship came from and how it became accepted into the Christian Church even though the Ten Commandments state we should be keeping the seventh day?

Who do you want to or the Creator Almighty God?
We will cover these subjects in these bible studies on the Master's table revealing from the bible that which can be backed up with many scriptures. Please go to your bibles as you study and learn it for yourselves, and compare what you find with what you have been taught keeping in mind that God wants you to follow Him. Remember that the only foundation for what we believe is Jesus the Messiah and if we use the Holy Spirit as we study the scriptures then we will come to the "same" understanding. We must however question, in the right attitude, concerning what we have been taught in our former churches and start over as we look to the written word of God truly wanting His will and not ours. If we do not yield to God we very well could remain locked into error and never come to understand God's great truth and the message that the Holy Father gave to His son Jesus the Messiah.

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