A Testimony of life!
From the files of Timothy and Mary Sue Youngblood
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This is a story about Timothy and Mary Sue Youngblood's grand daughter Rebecca daughter of Heather Huckaby. She was aborted before she was supposed to survive outside the womb. The reason was her mother had what is called an incompetent cervix, so because the abortion had nothing to do with the child, we did everything to help her survive. She weighed 1 lb, 3oz. and was 11 1/2" long. She was in the hospitals extensive care unit for four months, and was not even considered a person by the state during that time. We could not take pictures for some time because of her size and condition so when we could take pictures she was larger but still quite small as you will see. I will show some of the pictures taken then, and pictures of how she looks now in order to prove that children in the womb are people and should be given just as much a chance to live as Rebecca had.

To do otherwise is MURDER!!


If you look at the top of the picture above you will see a syringe. This gives you an idea of how small she was at the time, and the teddy bear she is holding is only about one inch long. Notice in the picture to the right the size of the bear to our daughters thumb, and Rebecca's hand in relation to her hand.

Below is what she looks like today. What if she had been placed in a garbage can instead of getting the help she needed?

.. .. .. ......


The first two were when she was around five and the 3rd picture is Rebecca in 2009. The 4th photo is Thanksgiving 2010 and the fifth photo is her prom night in 2013. The sixth photo is her Graduation picture of 2013. The group photo is (Right) Rebecca's Mom Heather, (Center back) Granny Youngblood, (Far Right Rebecca's Aunt - Dawn. The last phote is rebecca and her Granny Youngblood. Update: She has started collage. Rebecca's story is a great example of why abortion is murder!

We Love you Rebecca!
Your Mom, Mike Huckabee and your Granny, and Pappaw Youngblood.


Warning: The next pages are very graphic and should not be viewed by children.

It is good to get this information out to as many churches as we can because it is the people of God that should stand in unison against such murder of the innocent and you can send these facts out to others by copying the link below and sending it to them via E-mail. Also explain that there are other links on this page that has more information.

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The pictures are not pleasent but necessary.

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