Papyrus Presented by: The Master's Table


This piece above is reported to be from the book of Isaiah


This piece above is a common sample of the many small types used to put the bible together.


A leaf from a papyrus codex in Greek of the Letters of Saint Paul,
dating from about A.D. 200.

The codex, generally referred to as P46. as shown below is thought originally to have contained 104 leaves. There are now 86 leaves extant: L 30 are at the University of Michigan and 56 are in he Chester Beatty Collection in Dublin, Ireland. The discovery of this codex in 1931 provided a text at least a century older than the Vatican and Sinaitic codices, the oldest authorities on which the text had previously rested. Displayed are the opening paragraphs of the Epistle to the Hebrews, preceded by the last line of the Letter to the Romans.

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