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By: Timothy M. Youngblood

You can have your own opinion but you can't have your own Facts!

Question is: Why do ministers and Christian teachers continue doctrines or religious practices if they have not read any Holy writ approved or spoken by God or those He has authorized to speak for Him?

Answer is: Satan knows that perception becomes reality and his intent is to continue what he started with Eve and then Adam. Satan's purpose and intent is to cause disobedience to the true command of God. One example is that many Christians will admit that the Ten Commandments are still valid today and spoken by God but millions that profess they are valid dismiss  the first four commands because they want (As many in time past.) their own gods. The fact is that the Christian religion has rejected the Creator and replaced Him even while using the name of His Son Jesus the Messiah. The question is how could this happen and why so many are deceived?

First let’s take a look at this picture and ask ... Is this a picture of Jesus preaching to His disciples and others?
Now when you finish this study you will find the answer and see how perception can be deception.

Now let’s ask just how is this done so that it's accepted? It's called Perception brethren and when Perception is used by those that wish to deceive it then becomes a very powerful tool to misdirect people from the real savior to the false one we see in churches today that has long hair and looks more like the pagans of old. Perception is what used car salesmen use to get you to buy not only a car but the car they need to get rid of in many cases.

I was a golden gloves boxer before I went into the Army and then Vietnam. When I would be scheduled for a bout I would go to the fights and watch my new opponent and look for weaknesses and how long he could last in fast combat. I also used some deception later as to let him know I watched him fight and that I was much more prepared in every way than he was. I used language such as you look out of shape to me and I know you can’t defeat me because I have trained longer and harder than you. I’m sure you get the point now that half the fight was to cause my opponent to have some doubts about himself and wonder if I could take him. The art of “Bluff” is very powerful and helps to win in many types of competition as well as politics. Question: Why would you believe anyone running for a political office? If one looks at each candidate’s adds it’s hard to know who is the better person but they have found that the American people are lazy and will not do indebt research on anyone so the Politician uses this fact to use Perception to deceive. Obama won his elections with the promise to give people riches and help those entering this country from Mexico receive citizenship. He promised to get the U. S. out of the Middle East and bring all the troops home; however what a politician promises does not have to match reality it just has to match most people’s desires.

What about war and perception and deception? The best and most popular example I know of is what has become known as the Trojan Horse. I’m sure many know the story but let’s read a short portion of it here for clarity.

The Trojan Horse is a tale from the Trojan War about the subterfuge that the Greeks used to enter the city of Troy and end the conflict. In the canonical version, after a fruitless 10-year siege, the Greeks constructed a huge wooden horse, and hid a select fighting force of men inside. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy. That night the Greek force crept out of the horse and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, which had sailed back under cover of night. The Greeks entered and destroyed the city of Troy, decisively ending the war. (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)

Also there are military tactics that are perception and deception. On January 16, 1991. Operation Desert Storm's coalition forces are massed along the Saudi border with Kuwait, on the other side of which the bulk of Saddam Hussein's army is assembled. While the battle for air supremacy is being waged in the skies, the coalition forces pull off a stunning, and ultimately decisive deception. Later dubbed the "Hail Mary Pass," it consists of the abrupt relocation of the coalition ground forces hundreds of miles to the West. Meanwhile as inflatable decoys, deceptive radio transmissions, and leaflets lead Saddam Hussein's army to believe an amphibious assault from the Persian Gulf is about to happen hundreds of miles from where it is actually occurring. The world's fourth largest army is preparing to engage a horde of phantoms while the coalition forces are able to attack Iraq with little opposition. Within one hundred days, Kuwait City is liberated and a decisive victory by the coalition forces is won.

Now you might be asking what does this have to do with the Great Apostasy that is occurring in the Christian Religion so let’s take a look at some things that are actually pagan but have been injected into the Christian religion and most importantly accepted by the masses and my friend it was done in the same way as a Trojan Horse!

Many of these beliefs we find injected were not observed by Jesus or the Apostles including Paul but was added by man in the Christian religion without the authority of God. What many don't consider is that Constantine "married" paganism and the church, and then the world and the Universal (Catholic) church. After many hundreds of years the Catholic Church was the most widely known church named Christian and the Protestants that left their Mother church brought many of the Catholics pagan doctrines with them.

The list of doctrines below has been around hundreds of years before any of us were born. I do believe we MUST find the errors in the Christian religion and correct them or we run the real risk of contending with God Himself. Listen brethren it is your responsibility to check this out as God will hold every person responsible if they were lazy or if they were diligent in seeking the truth. Remember the story Jesus told about the talents? He stated to the one that did nothing with his talent that he was considered an unfaithful servant and all was taken from him and given to another! Do you believe Jesus and do you fear your Master?

NOTE: There are links at the end of this study that continues the truth about the great deception in the Christian religion.

The doctrine of the trinity. The trinity doctrine has been accepted by most Christian churches today as the Godhead consisting of three divine beings namely God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. The question is was this doctrine taught by Jesus or the Apostles and if not, where did this teaching come from? (See study at the end.)

And you might want to study to find out just what is the Holy Spirit for more understanding about the false teachings concerning the Trinity at the end of this study.

The doctrine of the Cross. Christians have used the cross symbol in their worship and even to identify themselves as Christians for hundreds of years. The question is was Jesus crucified on a cross and is it really a pagan god that has been worshipped for thousands of years? ~ (See study at the end.)

Did the Obelisk at the Vatican and Waschington D C come from the teachings of Jesus and His apostles or from paganism? Are the steeples on millions of church buildings the same thing as the Obelisk and why are they used in relation to Jesus? Or did they come from Pagan Rome and Egypt? (See study at the end.)

Sunday worship is another deception as it was never used by Jesus or His apostles and early church. Question is where did this change come from if it was not approved by God? In the year 321 AD, Constantine instructed that Christians (Catholic Church) and non-Christians should be united in observing the venerable day of the sun, referencing the esoteric eastern sun-worship which Aurelian had helped introduce, and his coinage still carried the symbols of the sun cult until 324 AD.

Concerning Sun worship in Christianity you can learn about more abominations of sun worship and how sun worship has crept into the Christian religion and has been blindly accepted by the masses. Many Protestant churches that claim they have separated from the Church of Rome did not complete the separation. They brought with them the pagan sun god of Ra and Horus and Ester, Argus, as well as the pagan god Tammuz in the form of the cross. The Babylonians were sun worshipers, and in ancient Persia worship of the sun was an integral part of the elaborate cult of Mithras. The ancient Egyptians worshiped the sun god Ra, or Ray. In ancient Greece the deities of the sun were Helios and Apollo however, did you know that Ray is still being worshiped and worshipped in the Christian Religion, but under new names and new symbols? For more information on Sun worship and the elaborate cult of "Mithras" see Sun worship in Christianity at the end of this study.

If you would like to make an informed decision for your children, you might want to read a bit more before you decide. Did anyone in the early Church keep Easter, and if not, where did it come from? Why is it kept in the spring? What does colored chicken eggs have to do with Jesus, and a big question is would Jesus the Christ keep Easter, and should those that want to follow the true Messiah observe this holiday? What is the truth? If you truly want to get back to the real Messiah that offers salvation learn about this deception at the end of this study.

The same is true concerning Christ-mass and ask this question brethren; When a child is taught that Santa comes down the chimney to bring gifts to hundreds of thousands of people in one night, and the Easter bunny hides colored chicken eggs in the grass, and all this is tied in with Jesus the Christ; what do you suppose will happen when the child grows up to find out that Santa is a myth? They surly must conclude that Jesus is a myth also because how could anyone do the things the Bible claims He did. Satan is very successful with his grand deception of pagan holidays and if people continue to teach children this great lie then they become responsible for their child's lack of real faith in the true Messiah. We must never forget that God gives us the guidelines for worship and prayer; and if we want to have a real relationship with the true creator God, and if we want our children to truly know Him, we must do it His way. The question to all true Christians today is do you want to worship the false gods of old, or do you want to worship the true God of heaven and follow the true Messiah thus receiving the true salvation He offers?

Remember the picture at the start of this study that showed what seemed like Jesus preaching?
Well my friend here is where the fugure of the man came from that some would think was Jesus.

Baal worship

Yes Perception – Deception is used by many in the world for their own gain and Satan knows that he can’t do a thing about the blood sacrifice of the Messiah as it is locked in heaven on the Holy of Holies out of his reach so he must keep people from the truth and deceive as many as possible into a religion that has Jesus’ name on the door but using the Perception of religion and godly ceremonies and fun feel good activities to add the Deception that will cause so many to follow a false Christ and the False god Ray.

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that they have as much authority to hear a new doctrine from God, that was never formerly and explicitly taught by the original Apsotles, as did the original apostles since apostles have continued to exist in the Roman Catholic Church. This doctrine of "Apostolic Succession" is said to give the Roman Catholic Church the right to add new doctrines to the faith. And the Doctrine of the Trinity was one such doctrine that came along in the fourth century, and was totally refined in the eighth century! Question is...Who do you believe and follow?

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We on the Master’s table web site investigate the bible without bias, or prejudice and examine what doctrines have been injected into the Christian Religion,
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Regards and may God bless you.
Timothy M. Youngblood