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God hides His beauty in the most unlikely places.

I have found for years that God hides His beauty in strange places. Like the geode is very ugly on the outside but cut it open and a treasure of fantastic beauty is your gift from God as shown above.

I started a new hobby a few years ago and as you will see in the pictures attached that this is true in other places as well. First you will view a picture of a fungus that was growing on a hickory tree and the next picture is what I did with that fungus after a great deal of sanding. The interesting part is even after I removed much of the ugly fungus I could not see much detail but after moving from indoors out into the sunlight and started sanding with very light sand paper I began to see some detail come out. The more I worked the more I could see. The more I could see the more I worked!

As I worked on the wood I thought that this is the way us humans are in God's hands. He is sanding us and if we will submit to His work we will reach our greatest destiny that God intends for us. I believe that after looking at these works below you will not look at anyone for what you see on the outside, but what you now know is on the inside. Think about the fact that millions of people can see this wood: However only a few can truly see it.

Regards: Timothy M. Youngblood

"Before the sanding and what most of us think we look like."

"After the sanding and what God knows is there."
The one above is my first and was a gift to my wife Sue.

The wood art below is from another type of burl wood called Black Cherry as shown below.

Wood ring box before work.

Ring box made for my wife from the raw wood shown above.

Ring box opened that was made for my wife from the raw wood shown above.

This piece above is a music instrument known as a Mountain Ocarina.
I made this from black cherry Burl wood.

This clock above was given to some good friends.

This one above was also given to some good friends.

This clock above was auctioned for the Leukemia foundation.

This clock above was also auctioned for the Leukemia foundation.

This clock was made for my Wife

This box above was made for myself and is on my desk.

This art work was for my wife.


This clock was made for a friend and is Hickory burl like the first picture above.

This one I call the mirror I will keep.


This clock in on my desk.

We named this one above the Universe.


Black Cherry Burl Jewelry Box made for my daughter Karen (Youngblood) Perry


Music box I made for our grand daughter Rebecca


Guitar wood art. 8-21-2014


Music box - Tigerwood

Raw Black Cherry burl above after cutting


I made a great music box from this Black Cherry wood above
See music box below)

Top view of music box for my wife Sue

Side view of music box for my wife Sue

"There is for a fact a personality in us all where high spiritual qualities are manifest.

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Timothy M. Youngblood
Author of The Master's Table