The whole Creation Groans in Pain
Romans 8:22-23

by: Timothy M. Youngblood
Copyright ã 1984

As I kneel praying to our Holy Father in heaven, I think of the many pitiful cries of all the little children…and of the dying cry of the bride and groom. I think of how adultery continues freely just as abortions death so cruel, while our law makers continue to play the fool. Yea Homosexuals continue on as their life fades, and they can't seem to repent even as their bodies die with aids.

I think of the many calls for war, and the men who die in vain, and all those trees that's withering under acid rain. I think of the old sow while she is being prepared for all, and the many hearts that's stopping early because of cholesterol.

I think of the misguide preachers spewing out lies in Jesus' most holy Name, misguiding the Church for their own personal unholy gain. I think of the many homeless as they suffer from hunger and cold, while living in cities full of riches…Yes, riches untold.

I think of the prophets warning for many to repent, and how God's wrath shall be sent.
I think of those that's thumbing their nose to heaven, and how terrible God's plagues will come...with the number seven. Many shall die with human blood running like a river, yes millions before God shall relent and before He will deliver.

Then Jesus shall return at the sound of the trumpets seventh blast making evil a thing of the past. Destroying all that is cruel just while He is setting up His holy rule. Only then will it be a world full of peace and calm, a world full of happiness, joy, and beautiful song. A world where the trees and the grass will be oh so green, and from valleys to hills many colorful flowers shall be seen. Yes…God's grace will flourish throughout His holy land, with the lion living in harmony with all, and yea and where a little child can hold a viper in his hand. A world where the song of birds shall forever sing…and the Almighty God's great love shall fill everything.

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The whole Creation Groans in Pain
(An audio poem by Timothy M. Youngblood ~ Copyright 1984)

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May God Bless you all.
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