Before you were born:
by: Timothy M. Youngblood
Copyright ã 1982

As I sit here in complete solitude,
I find myself falling into a very good mood,
Because in the belly of my darling wife,
Our God is creating a lovely new life.

Although she has never seen a tree, the grass, or a flower,
Nor does she understand God's love, grace, or power.
Although she has never felt the sunshine or rain,
Karen Christina is her God - given name.

Now that God has entrusted her to my wife and I.
We must teach her to be truthful, and never lie.
To show her by example God's ways of love and how to share.
To teach her the ways of giving and how to care.

She was conceived in the act of true love,
A moment we both give thanks to our God above.
Maybe someday she'll read these words of mine,
And know I have loved her from the beginning of time.

May God Bless you all.
From the Master's Table: