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As I researched the history of the bible for my book ~ third chapter titled "The credibility of the Bible" I collected a great deal of research information.
I kept this information because I had to continue accessing it so I wanted to post it here for those that are doing the same research.

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Biblical Research Papers
From research by Timothy M. Youngblood for Third chapter:
"The Credibility of the bible ~ The Great Apostasy"


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John Wycliffe's New Testament Translation

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Lamsa Bible Online - English Peshitta Translation (NT)
This is Dr. George Lamsa's Peshitta New Testament English translation and this information here is for your research.
Note: The Master’s table author does not completely endorse all of Lamsa’s Translations;;
However it is a good research tool if the bible student compares all research with other data from other sources.


Latin Vulgate
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A Hebrew - English Bible
According to the Masoretic Text
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For those that want to find related scriptures in Prophecy check out ...

A Harmony Of Prophecy


Ever considered looking into the history of the Hebrew/Christian bible you put so much trust in? Many Christians today believe that it is a lack of faith to do so; but is it? Some even feel that they may no longer have confidence in the bible if they looked to hard at it's history, however I found more faith in this study that took over three years to complete, because I have a greater understanding of it's origin and thus its credibility.
If you would like to have a good starting place for this study check out;
( The Credibility of the bible .")


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Historical charts for the son's of Noah
Son's of Noah charts


See left column on the Master's Table for Reformation research

Herbert W. Armstrong's 1939 Article on Church Government.


Rod Merideth Deceived the Brethern about Church Government after leaving the Old World Wide Church that H. W. Armstrong headed till his death. The evidence against Rod Meredith and Herman Hoeh is from Rod's first Government book he published just after he left the worldwide Church. Back during that time (1995) my wife brought it to my attention and we did a study on his first government book versus his second Government book to find why he asked his members to destroy the first government book and in doing the research we found that Rod Meredith told the Brethren the truth about the hierarchical system and how Rod Merideth and Herman Hoeh conveniced H. W. Armstrong to change from what Armstrong taught in his origional teachings as found in the Herbert W. Armstrong's 1939 Article on Church Government and found then Rod changed back to the other system so that caused me ( Timothy M. Youngblood ) to write an open letter titled "To the Brethren who love the truth" laying out all the facts and the truth concerning this issue. It is a very good paper with great detail and a lot of information concerning this event so if interested click on the link to read the "Open Letter to the Brethern who love the Truth."

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