The Youngblood name is from the Netherlands and is of Dutch descent. Our Name is spelled Youngblood (American) however it comes from the Dutch name "Jungblut" and there is a scripture that is the reason for the depiction of a Lamb on Green Meadows on our coat of arms and family Crest that can be found in Ezekiel 34:14 that states “My Sheep Will Be Safe as They Feed on Grassy Meadows and Green Hills.” This is a prophecy of the Kingdom that Jesus will bring at His return and is the very Message the Holy Father gave Jesus to tell all mankind, however this good news is not being taught in thousands of Churches going by Jesus' name and is the very reason for this Ministry.

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I began my biblical study and historical research around 1971 at age 22 and because as a child I was not introduced into any religion at all I could see early into my studies that many Christian denominations taught contrary to one another even though they all used the same book to preach from. Greatly concerned I set out to find the reason and became interested in finding the truth concerning the word of God and how that matched up with what was being taught. My wife helped me with extensive research and study into the scriptures for 33 years now (2014) and I thank God for my loving wife, and I thank her for all her hours of research and questions that has lead this site in the right direction. She is truly my helper as God intended.

Many have asked what Church we belong or what religion we profess and our answer is that we do not profess any religion but are members of the Assembly that is scattered around the world which are those that the Holy Father calls and Jesus has in His hand. My wife Mary Sue and I have fellowshipped with many Church groups over the years, but are no longer affiliated with any group or organization as members, but we do fellowship with various believers as we are able. We realize that we must continue to study and correct ourselves as there is no end to learning. Although we are considered as independent so far as our Church affiliation please understand that My wife Mary and I do accept the Messiah of the Christian bible as the one and only true Son of God and we have accepted Him as our only Master and savior. We thank the Messiah for His great blood sacrifice and mercy on all those that will accept Him as their savior.

The way I study and research is the same way a detective will look for clues at a crime scene and the facts are all I'm interested in. I never uphold any belief for the sake of some religion or church. The facts whether scripture or history are important to us rather than ideology as we believe that ideology is what has overwhelmed a lot of biblical truth. I believe what I write is correct because I have carefully researched all studies that are published, however I make no claim what-so-ever of being infallible. I do have the honesty and courage to admit when I'm wrong and have changed my studies when I have been truly shown to be in error. I have two years of collage but do not claim to be a scholar as you will see from the way I write I'm self educated so my writing is from a layman, for laymen. I do believe the saying that if a person has not made errors in life then they have not ventured out or questioned the existing teachings or state of affairs.

We do not believe God wants us to just have OUR agenda that promotes OUR beliefs so we investigate the bible and biblical history without bias, or prejudice and examine what doctrines have been injected into the Christian Religion, then carefully examine what the Hebrew/Christian bible, and history reveals about these subjects so the bible student can decide for themselves, hopefully using the Holy Spirit to guide them.

We believe that many ministers teach only what they were taught in their university thus not being able to think outside of that theology.

Also please understand that we do not believe that God has specifically called us to do this work on the Master's Table web site as we have not heard any voices from heaven nor have we been visited by some angel with instructions. We do pray that God leads us by the power of His Holy Spirit and we thank God for giving us His Holy Spirit to open our understanding to His truth and these studies are written on the promise of our Lord Jesus the Messiah when he stated…"However, when the Spirit of truth, has come, It will guide you into all truth; for It will not speak on It’s own authority, but whatever It hears It will speak; and It will tell you things to come. John 16:13.

We started The Master's Table web site sometime in 1997 in order to help brethren with information needed for bible studies at home. We place as much useful study information as we can on the Master's table to make it a research tool for those that want this information. We never intend to speak evil of any person, or group. Our only intent is to present what the bible states as well as what history reveals. This being our conviction, we do have a deep desire to research and find where the teachings, right or wrong came from.

We also stress teaching against what we term "a false gospel of unity for the sake of peace" which means a coming together even if that means to compromise the truth of God. We have found that this teaching is infiltrating almost every Christian Church today. This is the doctrine of the Ecumenical movement which is the great deception that is designed to bring all Churches back under the Catholic Church thus leading them away from what clear scripture teaches. It's a fact of history that Rome was full of pagan gods and the church of Rome never gave up those gods. We teach that the Protestants were correct in their fight during the reformation, however after their many sincere leaders were murdered by being burned and beheaded, their followers did not complete the reformation but conformed to most of the Old Catholic doctrines.

Am I a minister?
I have been asked many times if I am an ordained minister so I will address that here. I was ordained a minister a number of years ago but left the church because they accepted the cross and other pagan gods. I gave my last sermon in the church titled "Do you know the devil" and after the sermon many in the church wanted to leave the church however I told them to just stay and my wife and I would not be returning. I have renounced my ordination and just consider myself as one that serves the Messiah as best as I know and meet the requirements or needs of the assembly of God. I'm 64 years old (2013) and have fought in the Vietnam war, worked in many jobs, raised a family, went to collage, written a book on a very important subject titled The Great Apostasy which is free from this site and I do believe God has called me to His Son Jesus the Messiah and my faith has been in His Holy blood sacrifice for over 40 years. I'm able to teach the scriptures with the help of the Holy Spirit and I love the truth so I determined that Man's approval is not necessary. Although as stated I don't belong to any church, however I do teach we should go to church for fellowship and education as long as a man never places himself between the Messiah and the brethren. I teach that church is not the place for worship because we should do as Jesus stated which is go into our closet and pray in private because our relationship is between each person and God.

Question is how do we determine those that are chosen by the Holy Father and those that are self- professed? The answer is that those who are chosen do not ask for your money as if it is a command from God and they do not teach just to uphold some church or religion or have the hierarchical government over the Church which would be going against Jesus as He Himself instructed us to never have a hierarchical government over the Church, as recorded in Matt 20:25-27. If the people that come together for fellowship and education need to help in the payment of the building etc. that is fine but to be made to believe you MUST pay to the ministers is not of God!

Yes we do teach against the hierarchical type Church government system which the scriptures refer to as the doctrine of the Nicolaitans. The word Nicolaitan broken down is Nicole which means Victory and Laitan or Laity which means the people and when we put the two meanings together we get "Victory over the people" or the same thing as the hierarchical type government which is men RULING from the top down as if they have the authority of Christ as we find from the apostate church of Rome. For more understanding on this subject check out our study titled Church Government and spotting Cult practices at the links below. We teach that all Christians should look to Jesus alone for their place in the body of the Christ (Church) and that the true structure of the Church is like a vine as Jesus Himself described in John 15:4-7. We teach that no man should ever claim by virtue of a right to be the successor or advocate of Jesus here on earth and that we all need to learn of, and return to the original teaching of the first church that Jesus is the head, and we need to realize that there is error and be faithful in correcting it.

To preach the truth is not popular because although people say they want the truth they reject it when the truth does not correspond with their long standing beliefs. I will continue to teach the truth even if I repel all people from me and continue as Paul wrote to Timothy; He wrote “Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables. But you be watchful in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry.”  II Tim 4:2-5.

If we are truly doing what Jesus gives us to do then we will be ready when He returns and we will be able to give our Master back an increase of Five-fold or Ten-fold from what we started with. It is the responsibility of every person that comes to The Messiah for salvation to learn of and uphold the true message Jesus brought. It is the doing of the gospel that keeps us moving forward, and gaining strength as we focus on the task of getting the message of the gospel of the Kingdom of God out to this dying world. The closer we get to the time of the end the more there is a necessity to add more defenders of the truth to the ranks of the army of God. We truly believe that we must alter our opinions to fit the truth and never alter the truth to fit our opinions.

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We urge all Christians to earnestly pray for Jesus to return soon, and remember Jesus stated, "Behold, I am coming quickly! Hold fast what you have, that no one may take your crown."

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