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Christians continue to go to church and listen to sermon after sermon but the question is are you being given the message that God the Holy Father sent? Let’s all understand this one very important thing and that is Jesus brought a message from the Holy Father and His apostles were faithful till death to deliver that message to the people that would receive it. That message today is not being taught in many ways. One reason is that misguided ministers have taught that people go to heaven at death when the bible is clear that the dead remain in the grave till the resurrection which occurs at the sound of the last of the seven trumpets we read about in the book of Revelation.

By teaching that people go to heaven after death negates the true message that Jesus brought from the Holy Father because it takes away from the truth which is that Jesus is the Son of God and He is returning to this earth to bring His Kingdom.

Have you ever considered the possibility that Satan has not given up the fight for your eternal life? Do you believe that Satan realized that after Jesus spread His shed blood on the Holy of Holies in heaven that the blood became the “Seal of Salvation through the Messiah” After he realized this his only recourse was to either prevent people from hearing about the message of the gospel or maybe the most effective way would be to pervert the gospel message and divert people into a new and false religion that appeared like the real one but with pagan rites and ceremonies!

Is there a reason true Christians are warned by Jesus during the last days that if it were possible the very elect could be deceived? Have you ever considered why the man of perdition is referred to as one that looks like the lamb but speaks like the dragon? These and other warnings should cause anyone to stop and question if they have been deceived and question if they following the true gospel and commands of God or are they following the false Christ that Jesus stated would come.

Jesus warned that there would be tares among the wheat so I'm praying that this very important message of the apostasy that has infiltrated most Christian churches can be addressed here. It is God that opens the mind and we do not believe God wants us to just have OUR agenda but to teach the truth in all points and to not consider the very important facts that Jesus and His apostles warned there would be a GREAT falling away in these last days would be irresponsible. If people don't start taking these warnings to heart they run the real risk of accepting the mark of the beast as Jesus and others have warned.

Satan wants to stop true teachers of God by stating that these teachers are creating dissension or discord. The world now wants to use the love concept as a tool to silence those that will challenge the false doctrines that have caused the Church going under the name of Jesus to go into apostasy. It is a bold statement but I say the Christian religion is a pagan religion because they have accepted many pagan rites and ceremonies that worship and pray to the dead and bow to trees, eggs and crosses and worship on the very day the old pagan Sun worshippers bowed to their god Ray which is called Sunday.

Those that refer to themselves as Christians NEED to wake up and see that God is angry with the religion going under His name and that is the major reason He will allow a coming destruction because of the many pagan gods being worshipped in these churches and the men that are heading up these churches for their own personal gain.

He came the first time as a sacrificial Lamb but He will return as a conquering KING! He is coming to take over ALL these governments and dictators. All the Holy Father calls will be in His kingdom because of the blood sacrifice and He is going to rule this world in a way that will bring first and most importantly a love that can only come from Him which will produce peace, and complete cooperation among all people. All those that are physical in His Kingdome will use their talents and work at what they love doing. Opportunities for all will be freely given and even the nature of the wild life will be changed to get along with all others. The message of the coming Kingdom of God is the greatest message that could ever be given to mankind because it will be tailored to fit the way we are created and it will function with the greatest potential each person can develop.

All disease such as cancer, Viral diseases, genetic disorders or infections will cease to exist. Roses will not have thorns, insects will not bite, trees will give fruit for the picking, and mankind will not eat any meat or kill anything with a face. Humans in the kingdom of God will be healthy with the abilities to climb mountains, swim lakes, run miles, and enjoy every taste and flavor of every fruit, the smell of every flower as well as the beauty of the rolling hills. Water will be sweet and clean, smelling like the morning dew. Every family will own their own land and set under their own trees.

We will have our families with all we need in our own communities and the children will grow up with a much different set of values that are for the good of all, not because of a law but because of the very nature being changed. It will be the true balance that God will give the heavens and earth. It will be this balance of His love for us and our love for Him to the point we will worship Him in a way that will bring joy and happiness to the heart in a way we have never thought possible.

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Timothy M. Youngblood