Worshipping God
Presented by: The Master's Table Web Site
By: Timothy M. Youngblood
November 2011

Greetings All

I would like for you to consider this question... What would you truly do if an angel came to you one night and said that he was sent from God to bring you into the direct presents of God? Would you come to the Most Holy Father half- asleep, or smacking on some gum? Would you come with thoughts of what else you could be doing instead of having to be there? Would you come as if you were bored to the point you could not wait till you could leave, or would you be in great awe? Would you feel reverence, and admiration mixed with fear? Would you connect with God in such a way that you would feel His great power and Holy Character? Would you understand your frailty in His great presents? Would you understand your great weakness and ignoble character in the presents of such strength and Nobility? Would you know you were in the presents of GREATNESS, and the very one that created the universe? The very one that holds life in His hands with the great wisdom and love that makes up all that is fantastic. The God of god's, the Lord of lord's, the King of all kings!

The question we all must ask ourselves is do we truly worship God? The word worship also means to reverence, or to adore. Think about what it truly means to adore, and do you truly adore God? Do you admire Him? Many people say they do, but in reality they only want Him in their lives on the day they attend church. Many professing Christians will not even bring up the subject unless someone else does. Many do not dwell or meditate on the wonderful things of God during the day. When we worship God we need to even feel the reverence that should come from within. We should sense all His goodness, and love He has for not only us but also all His creation. We should be able to take time out every day to look around and appreciate all He has given in true love. The fresh air, the cool breeze or a cool drink of water on a hot day, the sight of a great snow capped mountain, the site of the Grand Canyon, the vastness of the night sky, the taste of our favorite food, the smell of a rose, or the smile of the ones we love when they see us coming to them. How His creation works together and how God created all out of a great love and concern for us. Yes! God has given us much to appreciate and to be able to see His mind and heart through.

When a man comes to love a woman does he just ask her to come over for supper because that is the thing to do, or is it because he feels the need to be close to her, and she feels a desire to be close to him? When two people are in love they feel a need to spend time together, and to get to know each other more intimately. There is a desire to do this and if we truly love God and have come to see Him we will feel a need to be with Him, and a desire to know everything we can about Him. When we do come to know Him and get into His mind, we then desire to be like Him just like a child desires to become like the person they admire. Do you as a Christian admire God? Do you know Him? Is He your friend, or do you seek Him only when you want or need something? Some people use God as a genie but He is not, nor does He want to be, a genie that comes out when we call so we can ask for some gift, or to get us out of trouble. The important point to understand is that God wants a relationship with those that will come to Him. But we must never lose site of Who God is. We must never take Him for granted or come to think of Him on the same level as we are. God is as stated above The KING of all kings.

Satan's Desire:
Satan has successfully brought mankind down to the point that to have a real love relationship with God is considered to be a freak. A freak is something that is considered a strange deviation from what is normal. A person that truly loves God and has a close relationship is called a religious freak, or a bible freak, or of all things a Jesus freak. What kind of message does this send others that might want to come to Jesus and have a relationship with a true friend? How did Satan get this attitude spread around?

Why is it that many that profess to be a Christian do not worship God in the way they should? The reason is because many churches have lost the true worship and zeal for God because the ministers themselves have lost their zeal and love of God. Ministers can't preach what they don't understand. They can't preach what they don't feel if they haven't been meditating on God like we covered before. Colleges of so-called theology can teach their brand of doctrine, weather it's Baptist, or Catholic, or whatever it is, but they can't teach a relationship with God! That must come from God and we must be willing to receive it, and if God truly has called a person they will reject the theology of men and embrace the love of God at all cost. They will seek the truth of God and come to worship Him the way they should even keeping the commands of God. When the elders accept God the way we have discussed here, and quit exercising rank over the brethren in these hierarchical churches begging for money and start accepting, and teaching the truth of God, many will come to understand to worship God is done in private and Church is for teaching and fellowship. Many will began to understanding that God hates all these pagan things that people use in His Name and with this understanding then maybe, just maybe, many will start truly finding God to be their friend!

Pray for the Messiah to return soon; Regards:
Timothy M. Youngblood

Webmaster of The Master's table