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This letter was written to a new member of the Master's Table who stated that she wanted to know more about the teachings on the Master's table web site.

Many churches in the U. S. have gone into Apostasy and are no longer teaching the true doctrines. Many churches in what is called the Christian religion even have gone so far as to add pagan gods to their worship which leads many to a false savior. Satan is working hard to deceive and many ministers have lost true knowledge because they were taught in the collages of this world which are truly under the control of the Catholic Church by way of the Jesuit order. These colleges have been in business for several hundred years and that is why they are believed as being the authority but they want to counter the protestant reformation.

The question for all that seek the true Messiah is do you believe that God the Father sent Jesus to this earth as a man (Emmanuel) to bring a “special message” and that the message He brought should not be changed by any man? That is the key question because Satan knows he can lose many because of the blood sacrifice and the true message of Jesus the Messiah so Satan has been and is in the process of replacing the true savior with a false one with a new and false message. If we go to the false one it will be the same as going to a false God thus salvation is not there. That should concern Christians today to the point of looking into it and making sure you are going to the same Messiah that brought the message from the Holy Father.

We must study to find the truth so we will not be deceived into these false churches presenting a false savior. God the Father calls and Jesus saves. This has nothing to do with us. The Kingdom is being built by Jesus and He will bring it with Him at His return according to scripture. I do understand that it will be the two witnesses using the power of the Holy Spirit in the near future to wake the sleeping church. What I want to do is get Christians discussing the message so we can get to the place where many become aware of the dangers of this new false Jesus being presented. You see if Satan can divert Christians from the real Messiah through a new message and looking to false gods such as Easter, Christ-mass, and sun worship then he will in effect have removed the blood of the true Messiah from them thus removing their salvation.

Our responsibility is to keep our self from letting anyone take our crown and being faithful to the true teachings that Jesus brought from the Holy Father and rejecting the perversions. It takes a great deal of study and research which I have done for almost 40 years now and if you want to understand I will help you in any way I can. I must say that I will not push anything off on anyone and if you don’t want to continue any discussions I will never take it personally however I believe it is the responsibility of ministers and elders to protect the flock.

I ask many people this question…Do you truly believe that Satan has given up and quit the fight?

We have sermons titled "Apostasy now" ~ "The Apostate system." and Satan's Snare are for the purpose to inform the Churches going under the name Christian about the dangers of not preaching about the goals of Satan and the fact that he is working on and will soon take over all Religious systems in this world. These sermons are not for the faint hearted so do not listen to these sermons unless you are ready to hear the true warning that must go out to the churches.

If interested cick on this URL... "A Call To Arms"

Timothy M. Youngblood