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Tax Exempt Sataus?


There is a problem for most Churches that came about in the United States over the past years and the ministers have gotten themselves into a very bad situation because they have accepted something that is very similar to a bribe. Did you know that when a Church becomes tax-exempt they have to agree to preach what the U.S. government allows them to preach? It did not appear as a bribe at first but just good business, however, they forgot that Satan is the ruler of this world and he never gives anything for free. They also forgot that we are taught in scripture that the borrower is slave to the lender. Prov. 22:7.

Should ministers preach the truth no matter what? Should ministers expose conspiracies that will lead people into a false Church, or false doctrine, and should they identify threats to Christianity such as the ecumenical movement? Should they accept leaders that are openly homosexual because it is politically correct? Should ministers discourage woman from getting an abortion and support the pro-life movement, teaching that abortion is murder? Should they highlight or otherwise bring attention to immorality of public officials, or corruption in Government? Should ministers refuse to marry in holy wedlock two men or two women? Should they expose any societies that may be forming the coming Beast system?

I would hope all Christians would answer yes to all these questions, but did you know that any Church that is enjoying a tax-exempt status can't "legally" preach against these things? If an evil person turns them in, they not only could lose their tax-exempt status, but they could be penalized in various ways that could even close down the Church. Satan knows that most ministers are zealous and will over extend their churches growth ceiling when they are tax-exempt, thus if they lose it, the church will collapse unless the members dig real deep, and the minister does not want to ask them to do that, lest he appears as incompetent. When I became aware of this I came to understand why many things were done, or preached or not done, in the Church of God over the years.

Some are saying these ministers are the "victims of the government", and that the government is violating their first Amendment rights. However, we must admit they made this agreement knowing they were giving up that right thereby taking money hoping the I.R.S. would never make good on the agreement. What they did not realize is that Satan is setting a foundation to destroy the truth of God and he is giving rewards to those that will obey.

The Point is that Satan is involved in bringing all religions together for the purpose of mixing all doctrines thus making the true doctrine of God of no effect. In the very near future there will be great persecution on God's people, and Satan is setting the stage in many areas. The tax-exempt status is just "one way" he will attack, and there will most likely be revisions to these rules in the future as well as the Government making new legislation in areas of morality when God has already made the judgments on these issues.

One case in point:
Let's look at one of these rules to make the point. "The organization must not engage in illegal activity, or activity contrary to public policy.” While this currently means Churches may not engage in racial discrimination. This rule could become a problem for Churches if same-sex marriages, for example, become legally recognized.

This would include gay ministers, women preachers, gay child care workers, and racial discrimination can even bring all religions including their pagan practices. Even a witch can claim she is religious and demand her practices be taught in your Church by you, or that you “by law” must give her equal time at the pulpit.
You may say this can never happen...but, yes it will, because Satan is about to take complete control of all governments, commerce, and religion.

The government may not send all these Churches their sermons every week, but if they hear something that's not politically correct they can tell the minister to change it or run the risk of losing his tax-exempt status. These ministers are very aware of this when they are preaching and they know if a member turns them in then they could find themselves on the government's mat. The BIG question is, will these ministers denounce the tax-exempt status and take it on the chin, or will they sell out and stay in their comfort zones? The time is coming very soon to choose. Will they stand up for the truth?

This needs to be discussed in all Churches!

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Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table