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Man changes what God teaches:
From my FREE book "The Great Apostasy" Chapter One

If God teaches that repentance is a turning from sin, man will teach that confession is all we need to do.

If God teaches we should be baptized by complete submersion in water, man teaches we only need to be sprinkled with water, and causes people to believe that children can receive it as well.

If God commands us to keep the seventh day teaches people to keep the first day holy. It's called "Sunday" or the day of the sun.

If God teaches of seven holy days to be in remembrance of His plan of salvation, man teaches people to keep pagan holidays in order to get our minds off God. The pagan holidays given by the Catholic Church and accepted by many denominations has mankind looking to tree, egg, and sun worship. Halloween is nothing more than the worship of the dead, and the god Hades which is Satan himself. There are many satanic gods being worshipped under the Christian banner today and will only get worse as time goes on.

If God commands we should not eat pork, crabs, clams, Shark, or Catfish because they are scavengers and have poisons in their flesh, man seems to want to get people to eat them.

If God commands us to worship Him only, and states we can't come to Him except by His son wants to worship other gods, and come to them through a false goddess claiming to be Jesus' mother who is dead as scripture denotes.

If God teaches the dead are dead, and know wants to get people to pray to all the dead saints of old.

If God states we should pray in PRIVATE man wants to pray in public and uses the excuse that it’s allowed as long as we do it in Church to ask that Jesus be there and forgetting that Jesus stated not to do it and He also stated that where two or more are gathered in His Name He is among them.

If God tells us there will be a resurrection, in the future when Jesus returns, misguided ministers teach we are going to heaven at death. If God tells us we will not become born again until the resurrection, and that's when those God calls will become teaches we are born again now, or that the kingdom is within us.

If God says the wicked will become ashes under the feet of the saints never to live teaches that the wicked will be tormented in hell fire forever thus making our loving God appear sadistic.

If God teaches salvation by grace with works as the fruits of teaches salvation by grace alone, and gets people thinking we do not need to produce works at all.

If God commands we are NEVER to call any man Father (or Holy Father) except our Father in heaven who is refers to a religious leader as "most holy father", or "reverend".

If we do not yield to God we will remain locked into the carnal mind and we may never be able to enter the kingdom until we come to that point where we truly repent. These things listed above are what the Ecumenical movement is working to deceive many into this new false religion with the title "Christianity" on the door.

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Author Timothy M. Youngblood