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Humans and Pigs?

See the chart below for how many parts of the pig humans use and how it is used.

Some have stated that the clean and unclean meat laws God set up are no longer in effect because of the New Covenant. My wife Mary researched this one animal and found some very interesting facts that should make anyone take notice to the reasons God commanded us to abstain from eating some animals. Let’s look very close at one animal that was most noted as the worst meat to eat. THE PIG!

Experiments using pigs genetically engineered for compatibility with the human immune system have raised hopes that cross-species transplantation could soon become an option for patients with diabetes and other currently incurable diseases. However, many scientific hurdles remain before the ultimate goal of inducing long-term tolerance of animal tissues and organs in human recipients, according to a special paper in the July 15 issue of the journal Transplantation, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, a part of Wolters Kluwer Health.

The development of GT-KO pigs has been a significant advance toward making “xenotransplantation” (The surgical transfer of cells, tissues, or organs from one species to another.) a reality. In the medical field, the resemblance is well known between humans’ and pigs’ internal organs. Internal organs of humans and pigs are alike not only in size, but also in physiology.

If a pig’s insulin transferred to a human's body, he/she would not show rejection because the pig’s and the human's insulin are almost the same physically. Recently, the development of treatments for diabetes using pigs has been taking place among advanced nations. The sole medicine for diabetes is insulin; the insulin is made from a pig’s pancreas.

In addition to the anatomical similarities between them, the placentas in both of humans and pigs are unexpectedly alike. The placenta includes amino acids, nucleic acids, vitamins, and minerals; as you can see, it is extremely nutritious. Because pig’s placentas are compatible with human’s, the extract from pig’s placenta is refined and used to make people strong, beautiful, and live longer. Furthermore, the placenta gives energy to weak cells in the body; therefore, it is instrumental in maintaining a healthy body condition, and is effective in allergy treatment. Even if people use the pig’s placenta, they can get a same effect that when they use humans’ placenta.

A pig can be used in up to 185 products such as ice cream, whipped cream, sweets and paint. Parts of the pig are also used in liquid shampoos and liquid soaps. Detergents in these products are sold in most high street shops as it makes a cheap shampoo base. Fatty acids from bone fat are also used to give them a pearl-like appearance. In solid soaps, detergents for cheap bars of soap are made from animal fats such as pig fats and fatty acids from the bone fat act as a hardening agent and give it color. Most glycerine moisturizers also contain fatty acids from bone fat as they make a cheap moisturizer. Generally, if you buy a high street brand of cosmetic with glycerine in, it will most likely be cheap pig fat glycerine. Also, parts of the pig are used in face masks along with collagen to help reduce wrinkles and lines.

I have stated in the past that the internet has brought mankind back to that point of Babylon and as God stated nothing shall be impossible for them to do. I have no doubt that they have or will in the future place a man's sperm in a sow and try to create a human/pig for the purpose of using the parts for replacements in ill humans.

Is it possible brethren we are seeing the real formation of the Mark of The Beast by using a beast like the pig in many areas of medical science that I have named the god of Mankind?

Timothy M. Youngblood

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