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Published…May 1, 2012

Is History accurate concerning the King James version?

There are many people who hold the Old King James Version of 1611 superior to all other English versions, but how accurate is this translation, Tyndale changed the Greek word "Pascha" (Passover) to "Easter" in many scriptures which is spelled “Ester” which is incorrect as we know “Easter is worship of a pagan deity. This error had to be changed many years latter but one was over looked in Acts chapter 12 and was considered correct by thousands of Christians for hundreds of years although it was a miss-translation as a result of Tyndale’s Catholic roots. "Ester" in his work and is incorrect as we know that Easter is

It is important to understand this and correct it as we also know the cross is a pagan symbol and the Holy Spirit should not be referred to as a Ghost or as Him because it is not a person as we know the bible reveals it to be the power of God. A Ghost is believed to be a disembodied spirit as wandering among or haunting living persons. The problem is if it is in the bible people will believe it is from God!

It is these pagan teachings from the Catholic Church that have lead many people to a false Messiah thus it is possible they have been brought to a false salvation and that seems to be important to me!

That is why I keep asking Christians in these churches out here do they believe that Jesus brought a message from the Holy Father and that the message should never be changed by any man? The statement is designed to cause a person to ask what is the message and has the message been changed and if so how?

The bible on its own is just some mixture of ink and wood from trees. The real word of God is His spirit and I have for a great deal of time prayed for its involvement in our lives. Until the Spirit of God moves with all power and wonders we will remain in the state we are in. The bad news is that Jesus will remove Himself soon from this evil world and its false religion going under His name and Satan will rule for a short time. The good news is that when the two witnesses are sent with the great power of the Holy Spirit God will then stand up for His people and be heard by the world. He will speak with His great power for 3 ½ yeas and then return to rule forever.

The current KJV that is being printed today differs in a number of details from the old KJV published in 1611. There are also numerous printing errors in different editions of the KJV. The 1611 editions have "Then cometh Judas" instead of "Then cometh Jesus" in Matthew 26:36. There is the "Wicked Bible" edition of the KJV where "not" is omitted from the seventh commandment saying, "thou shalt commit adultery."  William Kilburne in 1659 found 20,000 errors in six different KJV's. In 1701 Bishop Lloyd added the chronology of Bishop Ussher. Even today there are differences between the KJV published by Oxford, Cambridge, and Nelson publishers (See The English Bible from KJV to NIV: A History and Evaluation by Jack P. Lewis, published by Baker, 1981).

I don’t believe it is about what we think is truth but what is the truth and no one really has all the truth. I just do the best I can to find and accept it. My opinion has no meaning at all. Is there anyone out there that has complete certainty of what man has written, interpreted, and surmised over the last almost 2,000 years?

Is any subject clean of mans hands and bias or prejudice? Just ask about an event such as the holocaust and it will depend on who you ask as to the validity of its reality. I have studied a great deal of the history of the Middle East and found a great deal of bias and prejudice because every time a new dictator comes into power they change the history books. What about our own history in America?

Much has been hidden and cleaned up such as the history of the founder of America as many don’t even know how much of a tyrant Columbus was and that he did not truly discover this country. He was here to take all the gold he could find to take back to his country and he murdered many to do just that!  Many believe that King James was the person that wrote the King James Version and that he was a Christian but he too was a tyrant. I did a three year study into the history of the bible going back as far as 300 years after the death of the apostles and found things that would stagger any man. What about the New International Version, the New Revised Standard Version, The New American Standard Version, The Revised English Bible, and The Good News Bible which clearly distorts the truth of God?

People need to wake up and stop just going along with their church or minister. Jesus expects all those He is calling to get to work because Satan is on the move to deceive if possible the very elect.

I'm not saying that what Paul wrote in his letters were not correct but when you go back before the bible was put together the letters of Paul was not there. The "Bible" as we know it today did not exist for hundreds of years. You can not find any writings at all past around 200 years from the death of the apostles. I found in my research that some books were allowed in while some writings were not. There is a prophet mentioned in the Old Testament who was Jeremiah’s secretary and his writings have been excluded in the KJV 1611 but his writings are in the Geneva Bible of 1560 which was written before the KJV of 1611 as it should be if he was a prophet in standing with Jeremiah. His name was Baruch and as you see in the scripture below he wrote what Jeremiah instructed but these words Baruch wrote on a scroll of a book are not recorded in the KJV 1611.

Jer 36:4: “Then Jeremiah called Baruch the son of Neriah; and Baruch wrote on a scroll of a book, at the instruction of Jeremiah, all the words of the LORD which He had spoken to him.”

Like I stated his name is in our bible but his writings are not so why is it that people don’t get upset about the fact that his writings were left out. Who decided to leave them out and why? The point is that this happened to a great deal of writings such as the books called the Apocrypha found in the Geneva Bible of 1560 which has the wordings of Baruch…so what are we to think? Would you quote anything from the books of the Apocrypha in a sermon? Why not? They are in the Geneva bible which was written long before the KJV of 1611?

I just want to keep things in its proper place and not state that God said if it is possible that He did not say it. We do not find Thus says the Lord in the letters of Paul? I still state that his letters were to the church he addressed them to. Paul was a man of God and his teachings are good as I’m sure much of them were inspired but not every word as Thus says the Lord type of thing. Ask yourselves this question…What if some group of men who lived 300 years ago decided to leave Paul’s letters out of the bible when they were collecting them just like they did the prophet I mentioned and the books of the Apocrypha…What would you do about that?
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Timothy Youngblood