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The greatest reason to live:

When I returned home from Vietnam in 1969 after fighting in the jungles and rice patties for a year I wanted to know why. I ask why did my fellow soldiers have to die and for those that were wounded have to become crippled so young? Why did we have to kill men, women, and sometimes children just because they were in the wrong place at the wrong time? I have never regretted killing the enemy because they were killing us but even then I know these strangers I was killing could be our friends if we were in different circumstances.

As the years went by after my return home and discharge from active duty I tried to answer these questions and years later it became clear to me that it was not for a better world or to protect our country, it was not even for the purpose to protect our families here in America. It was not even for the protection or the betterment of Vietnam’s suffering people. No! The lives and blood spilled from my friends and our countries young men were sacrificed for political purposes, for greed and of course Vietnam was a perfect place for the government to test new weapon technology.

After taking a close look at why, I began to feel even our daily lives were spent in vain. I concluded that if I was to struggle to reach for something and possibly give my life then whatever it was had to be greatly worth a life time of sacrifice and effort. It had to be much greater than riches, fame, popularity or power for myself and it had to be something that would help thousands of people for years to come.

I was not reared in a Christian family and although I always believed in a creator I only came to understand Him around two years after I returned home from the war. (1971 at the age of 22). As I read the bible for the first time I became very interested in its mysteries and began to work on unlocking the meanings. I also realized that if what was written here was true then there could never be a greater cause to live and die for. However I could see early into my studies that many Christian denominations taught contrary to one another even though they all used the same book to preach from. Greatly concerned I set out to find the reason and became interested in finding the truth concerning the word of God and how that matched up with what was being taught.

As I studied for the next 10 years I realized that this mysterious book actually unlocked its own mysteries such as Revelation 6 was interpreted by Jesus in Mathew chapter 24 and 1 Corinthians chapter 15 relates to and answers Revelation chapter 11 in that the sound of the last trumpet is also the seventh trumpet and the two witnesses will be resurrected at the same time as those referred to in I Corinthians Chapter 15 so as I studied this book I was like an old prospector that had found the mother load of a gold mine. Life took on a completely new meaning as I had now become a soldier in an army that had a leader that wanted to not only win but to change the world for a real purpose which is the betterment for all life on earth. I knew that this was the greatest purpose a person could spend their life doing.

Almost 40 years have passed and I’m asking God to grant this old soldier the hope and opportunity to not hold back in this time of great trouble but to move forward with great power that can only come from Him by way of His Holy Spirit and open the minds of those that are deceived into this false religion going under the name of Christ.

Satan is attacking very hard now and will prevail over the world except for those that are written in the book of life of the Lamb which is Jesus the Messiah. There was a time that Christians were fired up but now it seems to be business as usual and many are losing their purpose because they have allowed the ministers’ to lull them to sleep and give them fun and games coupled with sweet songs and smooth sermons that make them feel good. Why do they feel that way? Because they have lost their sense of purpose and urgency! They have become apathetic.

All Christians need to wake up and understand fully the time in which we are entering and work to get back to the first oracles of God and the new Covenant.

Questions is…are we going to be faithful Christians soldiers for Jesus, or are we going to turn away when He calls us to this fight?

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Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table