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The funeral

The widow and her children are in great sorrow because her husband who was a great man and father died a painful death of bone cancer. His name was Jimmy. His 14 year old son and 13 year old daughter could not believe that their loving father was gone. Jimmy’s father and mother as well as his brother and sister were crying and one stated to the other that they would greatly miss his smile and the jokes he would pull on them.

Well the preacher stood up and stated although he knew Jimmy’s family from church he did not know Jimmy at all because he never came to church over the 15 years the family came. The minister stated that he asked if Jimmy had ever accepted Jesus as his savior and they stated although Jimmy was a great person he never thought it necessary to go to church or read a bible so the minister stated that he had no other choice but to announce to all present that Jimmy was now burning in hell fire and would be there forever. The family was in shock and never attended that minister’s church again.

Now the point of this story is for those that believe sinners and those that have not accepted Jesus as their savior are burning in great agony and will burn forever have you ever heard any minister state what this minister did?

No the fact is that ministers always preach the person into heaven regardless of the person’s sins and life mistakes. Now why is it that no minister would dare state at the funeral that the deceased was now burning in hell when they will preach with great conviction from the pulpit that people MUST come up to be saved and quit sinning or THEY WILL BURN IN HELL FOREVER? !!!!!

The reasons are either the minister don’t really believe it or they will lie about it because they don’t want to offend people so they can continue to be a minister.

I would never state such a thing at any funeral brethren and the reason is because to do so would be a lie! Do you want to know the truth concerning Heaven and Hell fire? If so get ready for some bible study and forget the myths of men and believe the word of God.

Timothy M. Youngblood