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Catholics and many Protestants have already done away with the first four Commands of the Ten Commandments.

How many Christians believe that the 10  Commandments are the laws of the Almighty that should be observed as written in their entirety?Commandments and most people have not taken into consideration that to do so is to completely cut themselves off from the Eternal and only blood sacrifice of the Lamb of the Holy Father. The First Command that we are not to have any Gods before us and that we are not to make any graven images of anything whatsoever whether it be things in the heavens or on earth or in the sea or even below the Earth has been made void and the Catholics have even made many graven images in paintings and statues that they actually Bow and pray to for various needs they have. They actually bleed to pray to these graven images will gain them access to the Almighty. The Catholic church has made graven images of the Virgin Mary as well as their long-haired infinite jesus with sun rays around the head which is in reality worshipping the Pagan God Ray. The ancient Pagans worshiped the sun rays in the same way. Also they have done away with the third Commandment because the Pope refers to himself as the “Most Holy Father” when the Commandment states… "You shall not take the name of the LORD your God in vain, for the LORD will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.” I must say if a man is called the Most Holy Father that man and those that do so are taking the Lord’s name in vain in a big way! Then there is the command not to take the name of the Lord in vain and that the Holy Father will not hold the one that does so guiltless. The Catholic Church takes the name of the Holy Father in vain in many Ways. To take the lord's name in vain is to use his name in a futile or ineffective way, a way that is pointless which is using His name when they have no authority to do so. The scriptures that state we shall do this or that in Jesus's name actually is interpreted as by His authority. The Catholic church and many others are using the name Jesus as if they have His authority to do the things they are doing when in fact they absolutely do not have Jesus' Authority because what they are doing is actually against His will in many things affect each such as the example of eradicating the first four of the ten Commandments.

The fourth Commandment that they have made void is the keeping of the Sabbath which is the seventh day of the week. Notice that this command to keep the Sabbath day Holy was also a command that was given at creation and the reason is because when the creation was being completed our Creator rested on the seventh day. As everyone should understand our Creator did not rest because He was getting tired but more so because He was still creating and one may  ask what was He creating?

Many do not understand this because it has not been taught however our Creator  was placing His presence IN TIME on the 7th day so that those who would obey this command can come to Him to draw  His presence in worship during this period of time which is from Friday Sunset to Sunset of the 7th Day because un-beknown to many in the Christian religion  God starts and ends His day  when the Sun sets. Yes our Almighty Creators Presents is Actually put in the Time of the Sabbath day no different than if one was on the mountain with Moses before the burning bush would be in the presence of the Almighty. The Catholic Church under the command of Constantine the Great have kept the first day of the week as the day they worship their god which is the day that Constantine the Great also worshiped his god "The Sun" and named it appropriately the day of the Sun or what people refer today as Sunday. 

It does amaze me how so many people in the Protestant religions continue to follow the Pope. It is the individual choice to accept or reject  the great gift of the Ten Commandments that our Lord gave us.  As I stated above many years ago the Catholic Church voided the first four of the ten Commandments and most people have not taken into consideration that to do so is to completely cut themselves off from the eternal and only blood sacrifice of the Lamb of the Holy Father.

The 10 Commandments

If you truly want to follow the Messiah that God the Holy Father sent with a message for your salvation study the subject of the pagan cross at the links below.
There is a reson the Christian religion has become a pagan religion and Jesus will destory it at His coming. Question is... Who do you follow?

Timothy M. Youngblood ~ Elder