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When people are brought into the military each one is an individual and comes from many different lifestyles and back grounds as well as many different religious beliefs. The task for the military is to bring everyone to a place where they think together and act as one unit. The military must also make sure no individual will question any order given by a superior officer. The way the military does this is through a process I will call Deconstruction and Reconstruction. I spent two years in the Army and one with the 101st Airborne in Vietnam (68-69) and I can say first- hand that the military training is very Proficient, Intense, and Effective.

The reason I bring this up is because the Jesuit Priest are brought through a regiment suited for the task they will be assigned to. They also as a Soldier MUST take an oath to uphold, protect, and carry out all orders given by their superiors. Unlike the American soldier the Jesuit Priest may have been in a Catholic school from a child but they still have to go through a great deal of training. You see there cannot be a One World Government if there are dictators controlling countries and doing what they want with their armies and riches. Likewise there can’t be a One World Government if there are people in any country that thinks they have individual rights and freedom as well. When this is understood and we come to understand the process used we can understand why the United States Government is making many policies and laws that are even against the constitution that has protected our free way of life.

When we understand how Deconstruction and Reconstruction works we can understand why our Government will make a regime change in Libya because Muammar Gaddafi "just threatened" to start killing his own people but our Government sets by while the Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has to date (April 2013) murdered over 70,000 of his citizens and destroyed Syrian towns and the Syrian economy and America has not acted to stop the Syrian dictator. By understanding Deconstruction and Reconstruction we can also understand why we don’t become independent with our own oil and build factories that will employ and support our failing economy yet we still give billions of dollars and arm many countries military's that wants to wipe out all Jews and their way of life who are also our brothers!

The reason brethren is because we are as a "world community" in the process of Deconstruction and will one day soon see in America the process of Reconstruction. After many more events that are planned to happen the American people as well as many around the world will be happy to just be safe. I once read a powerful statement from a man that “The American people will give up their freedoms for comfort and safety", however brethren let’s not forget the words of one of our great founders “Benjamin Franklin” who wrote in his personal memoirs (1775) when he stated: “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Brethren I realize this must come to the world as we find Jesus revealing to the apostle John in the book of Revelation and I’m in no way, What-so-Ever working to prevent this World Government but the real fact is so many ministers are missing out on a great opportunity to preach the coming kingdom of God that was and is the message God the Holy Father gave Jesus to reveal to us and to comfort those that will believe in and follow the real Messiah to the very end. We have so much to look forward to but first we must endure and never deny that Jesus is the Son of God. Remember we read in 1Thes 4:17-18 concerning the victory those that truly follow the Messiah will have. “Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. Therefore comfort one another with these words.”

Even the Christian Churches that are going under the Name of Jesus have already been through most of the Deconstruction and this New Pope has started the Reconstruction of all Churches around the world and this is why he chose the title Pope Francis I. We must note here that this is the only Pope in the history of the Catholic Church that is a "Jesuit" and also has ever taken the name "Francis" after St. Francis of Assisi. This is very important because the first Francis of Assisi believed that God called him to make all the world Churches come together and this is the reason this Pope has chosen this name. Just in one month since his election, Pope Francis is winning new fans and drawing big crowds to the Vatican! There is one law and solemn ceremony that he must and will bring all Christians back to and it is the very reason for the Protestant reformation in the first place. When the Pope accomplishes this he will have completed the task of his founder St. Ignatius of Loyola. What is this law and solemn ceremony? Why is it is so profound that many will not even realize they are being deceived into the rejection of the true Messiah? The Son of God MUST be replaced with the Sun god Ray!


In my book; The great Apostasy and in other studies I have taught that the three main religions will come together to help form the beast system which are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. As I was researching the World Council of Churches site for some news that would be of significance to my points concerning this I ran across the below offer which makes my point factual.

Three Faiths, One God: Judaism, Christianity, Islamthoughtfully examines the religious beliefs and practices shared by Jews, Christians and Muslims to illustrate how many individuals in the Abrahamic faith communities are dealing with historical conflicts yet remain dedicated to facilitating understanding and respect. Three Faiths, One Godcaptures a broad range of voices and ideas of ordinary people and respected scholars in the interfaith field. The program contrasts the religious practices of the three faiths, including the rituals of fasting and marriage.

Jews and Christians:
A Journey of Faith is a 90-minute, in-depth inquiry into the intertwined history of Jews and Christians. Produced by Auteur Productions, and based on the book by Marvin Wilson, Our Father Abraham: Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith, this video offers helpful insight into how Christianity and Judaism have defined themselves and developed in close sibling relationship. It shows the similarities and differences in liturgical practice, piety and theology that have been so often misunderstood in the long relationship between Christians and Jews, and includes footage of today's hopeful Christian-Jewish dialogues. A guide with additional written material is also available.

Below are the Catholic Canon laws that back up my statements in this article and I also stated in my research article on the Master's table titled Eucharistic Adoration~ Sun Worship?“The time is coming brethren when this will be re-established in all Christian churches that go back to the Mother church. Let's check out what the Catholic canon Laws state about the Eucharistic Celebration and notice the wording "Most Holy Eucharist" and "Worshiping it with the highest adoration".

Code of Canon Law below:


Canon law 897: The most venerable sacrament is the blessed Eucharist, in which Christ the Lord himself is contained, offered and received, and by which the Church continually lives and grows. The Eucharistic Sacrifice, the memorial of the death and resurrection of the Lord, in which the Sacrifice of the cross is forever perpetuated, is the summit and the source of all worship and Christian life. By means of it the unity of God’s people is of God and signified and brought about the building up of the body of Christ is perfected. The other sacraments and all the ecclesiastical (Apostolic) works of the apostolate are closely connected with the Most Holy Eucharist and ordered to it.

Canon law 898: The Christian faithful are to hold the Most Holy Eucharist in the highest honor, taking an active part in the celebration of the most august Sacrifice, receiving this sacrament most devoutly and frequently, and worshiping it with the highest adoration. In explaining the doctrine about this sacrament, pastors of souls are to teach the faithful diligently about this obligation.

Just how will true Christians know who the man of perdition is when he comes to rule the world? Yes the bible warns that "Many will be deceived" and not understand who he is; so what are we to look for?

Please understand I'm not stating this as God breathed but ONLY to give a rounded view of what we need to understand about the man of perdition that is described in Revelation 13 and warned about by Jesus. Remember it is recorded that "The whole world" will wander after him Except those written in the book of life. The question is why? The answer is because he will make many millions feel safe from the many threats around the world and many who thought they would never have much more than they do will be able to become successful beyond their dreams. He will cause the many powerful leaders around the world to not only love him but fear him as well. This man that is coming will cause peace to come around the world in a way that no one ever thought possible especilly in the Middle East.

Let's note that the main thing the man of perdition will hunger for is POWER and he will desire the people to Reverence him and Praise him as the Greatest leader ever in the history of mankind. The thing that will cause him to go to war are those who don't and those that will not. Let's consider that because many will love and reverence Jesus over him will cause the man of perdition to become enraged because that my friend will not be acceptable to a person that wants not only power but the admiration and even worship from the people so it would not be a stretch to say he very well may put in prison and destroy anyone that will not denounce Jesus the Messiah over him. There are other reasons as I have noted in other writings. Watch for this in the near future.

I believe he will be very smooth and talk with a golden tongue speaking what people want to hear because they are hungry for the lust of the flesh and someone to lead them into a relationship that makes the people feel the power of his rule around the world. He will not look evil and he will have a great smile and say things that sound very good for every person and he will bless those who praise him. He will say he is one that looks to God but one day he will put himself as God and set in the seat of God as the peophecy states. His plans for the World will seem very much like loving our fellow man as he reaches down to help the down trodden and protects all who love him. He will want to make sure that the rich don’t bully the poor so he will be viewed as someone like Robin Hood and people will feel safe because he always saves those in trouble from any suffering if they show their allegiance to him. Yes the man Jesus warned His called out ones to beware of will come as a helper of all mankind who will solve many world problems.

Yes the man of perdition will be all things to all people so he may win all religions as well as the hearts of the young and the minds of those that are deceived by his tactics. The man of perdition will want to make peace between Christians, Muslims and Jews so all religions can come together with one mind. I suspect he will use the wealth from America to help others around the world become more wealthy and this act will take your freedom because as I have stated in other writings there can't be any dictators nor can there be a free Nation where the people have the kind of freedoms America has enjoyed in the past. People will believe they are free but the computer system will lock everyone into a world where no one, rich or poor, free or bound, will be able to live at all unless they are plugged into the system in every aspect of their lives.

Keep a very close eye on the next few years brethren because the Apostasy in all Churches with a Hierarchical system patterned after the Catholic church and the cooperation of the many leaders around the world in unison with America will set the stage for something very big and very dangerous for true Christians that want to follow the true Messiah. The big question is why did Jesus state that if anyone denied Him He would deny them before the Holy Father? This question is the most important point for all that lives in the end times and who wants to be in the Kingdom of God to understand.

How can true called out children of the Creator know who the man of perdition is? Because he will be deceptive in all his ways as is his master who wants to rule the World … The father of lies.


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