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Just what is the Creator doing ?


I do not believe God is so small that He would only have this one tiny speck we call Earth with life on it in the vast universe we know is there. Why would we believe that God can only do one thing at a time?

Also we have heard people in science state that they find new species every day and they believe these new species have existed for millions of years but they are just now discovering them. Question is have they even thought that the almighty Creator could still be using His creation powers all along and from time to time He places a new creation on earth to see how it does?

Humans are in a constant state of creating as we gain knowledge. We would still be using horse drawn buggies and living in huts without air-condition or running water in our homes if we did not think and design so we could develop and advance. We would not be flying around the world at speeds and altitudes where humans could not survive nor would we know all the aspects of the exact contours of not only the entire earth but what is under the seas as well if we were static.

If we can grow and learn then why would we think that the almighty Creator does not continue to grow and learn? Some teach that God already knows all things and I just don’t believe that because there are scriptures that contradict that notion. Yes God is all knowing but He is still learning and to believe He is not is to believe He is stagnant and cannot continue to develop or advance.

Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table