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The Great Depression:
(What was the real reason for it?)


After nearly a decade of prosperity the United States was hurled into great despair on what was named Black Tuesday on October 29 1929. The U. S. Economy completely broke down during the Presidency of Herbert Hoover. Many have asked why from the time this occurred but have they truly found the answer in all their speculation? I say they have not and will not because the reason for the Great Depression and the cure for our economy today are not what the rich aristocrats want to hear.

It is very simple as is all of God’s instructions are and His examples we find in what He created. Well some may be wondering what in the world is this nut talking about. I will explain by telling a story first. A farmer who had hundreds of acres of very good farmland looked out at his great wealth and felt that he was blessed beyond any man’s dreams.

The problem is that the farmer was only looking at the surface of his land and never realized there were thousands of Moles burrowing throughout his beautiful rich farmland. One day the farmer went out to start harvest on his huge crops that consisted of many types of vegetables and as he drove his large machines and trailers of workers out to the fields the ground began to sink and suddenly as he looked around sink holes by the hundreds were opening up all over the farm.

The moral of this story is that all can look great on the surface but great tragedy can be looming just below the surface. How does this story relate to what happened in the 1929 depression and today? Why is this story a lesson from the creator God in heaven? This is a lesson because mankind thinks he can disobey the laws of nature created by God and mankind also believes in and relies on his god of science which is only a theoretical explanation and testing of ideas.

The reason for the poor economy we see around the world today is because of corruption! The reason the many countries like Mexico are poor is because they are corrupt from the top to the bottom. In fact the corruption has become so bad in many countries that the people could not eat unless they also become corrupt. You see it is a cycle and the only way out is for the Messiah to return and destroy this evil system. I ask all those that read and understand this pray for His return to be soon and praise Him who will fight for your true freedom and prosperity.

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Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table