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The Coronation Chair ~ Westminister Abbey


The Photo is the second Coronation Chair, made in 1689 for Queen Mary, wife of William III., on the model of the old one, was last used by Queen Adelaide in 1831. The original contains under its seat the famous stone of Scone, (The “lia-fail” – or Stone of Destiny.) the emblem of the power of the Scottish Princes, and traditionally said to be that used by the patriarch Jacob as a pillow. The stone was brought to London by Edward I. in 1297. Every English monarch since that date has been crowned in this chair.

Some question why is this important? The reason is because this stone shows a direct line from our father Abraham and Isaac who was the father of Jacob who became Israel.

If you want to see where the so called lost Ten Tribes of Israel went in the world and what nations they became check out the charts of Shem, Japheth and Ham at this link.

Timothy M. Youngblood

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