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Church's of Men


Brethren if we look at the history of the church that was ran by a man named Herbert W. Armstrong and consider how many people sacrificed their own dreams of owning a home so this man could build his empire what are we to say when we see photos of the entire thing being turned to rubbish?

That church was taken over by other men that publicly stated they hated it and was working to destroy that Church with its collage. Armstrong himself stated if this was of God no man could destroy it but he stated if it is just of men then men can destroy it. They not only destroyed that church Brethren but they got rich doing it. I ask do you truly believe that church and collage was of God? If so how is it men were able to destroy what is God’s? I also ask why would anyone want to repeat such nonsense? Have we learned our lesions?

There are some men teaching a very disturbing deceptive concept and I strongly disagree with them doing this. They are back on this concept about who needs to do “The Work” in the way it has been used in times past. The scriptures they quote recorded in Matt: 24:14 is what H. W. Armstrong  quoted “in error” for many years. It is the statement about this gospel of the kingdom having to be preached and then the end will come.

BEWARE brethren because the use of this scripture is salesmanship to get people to send them money and to lock people into the old thinking they need to belong to some church to be doing THE WORK.

The scriptural facts are that This Prophecy recorded in Matt: 24:14 about the gospel being preached and then the end will come is about the two witnesses not a single man or church. The two witnesses will do this for 3 ½ years without people sending them money!!!  Remember they will be killed in Jerusalem and lay in the streets of Jerusalem for 3 ½ days and then The End Comes by the sound of the Seventh Trumpet.

I hope you don’t take this warning lightly as they will not only take your money but will lead you into the “system of perdition” and this deception will cause many to get trapped once more into a religion. I ask again … “What Religion do you belong to?”

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Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table