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Just Who Was Jesus during His ministry?

What picture do you see in your mind when you hear the Name Jesus? Is it a small meek long haired pail faced man?  There has been more written about Jesus than any other man in the recorded history of this world yet in all these volumes the information from the Old and New Testaments have been largely ignored. Have you ever heard the old hymn titled “O- what a friend we have in Jesus? I ask…How can they say they know someone that they seem to know nothing about!

They don’t know when He was born, as they believe He was born on Nimrods birthday of December the 25th. They don’t know why He came except to die on a cross which is a pagan teaching. They don’t know the true message He brought They don’t know how long He was in the grave as they believe He died on Friday and rose one day and a half later when the bible states He had to be in the grave three complete days and three complete nights. They don’t know what day He was resurrected as they believe the false teaching that He rose at Sunrise on the first day of the week and they certainly don’t know what He looked like!

Now if you had a friend that had died and didn’t know any more than that about him I would have to say he must not have been that good of a friend. As I wrote in my book the Great Apostasy at the end of chapter two…

Jesus and His apostles were poor, and lived a life of great hardship. Later on the apostles were beaten, stoned, starved, rejected, cast into prison, and murdered for the gospel of Jesus the Messiah. Did they go through all that for money, and glory, or was it because they knew Jesus was the Son of the living God? These men knew there was no end to their suffering until death, and their suffering was due to their preaching of which they could quit any time. It would surely take all the things they witnessed while with Christ, as well as to see Him beaten, and dead on the stake, then alive, completely healed three days later for them to give their lives for the true gospel Jesus preached.

Was the Christ of the Bible a pale faced skinny young man who had long hair flowing down His back kneeling in a long purple robe like we see in the pictures? Did Jesus walk around timid, lacking in courage, lacking in self-confidence, boldness or determination? No! The TRUE Jesus, your savior, spoke with an unmistakable ring of AUTHORITY in His voice because He knew He was sent by the Holy Father. He was not intimidated by the Great Sanhedrin. He spoke with great knowledge coupled with wisdom as the Father gave Him to speak. He understood the Scriptures better than the religious leaders of His day. He refuted, and condemned the Babylonian Jewish religion of the Great Sanhedrin by the words of the Old Testament.

Unlike what the misguided teachers of today want you to believe, Jesus was not skinny or weak; remember He was a carpenter by trade and had to work with His hands. He had great endurance carrying large timbers and stone. He had to cut these beams and stone with the tools of His day. His hands were callused, His muscles very strong. He fasted 40 days in the wilderness and spoke to great crowds for hours in the hot sun with a booming voice. He cast out the moneychangers with a whip and boldly went to the Pharisees and Sadducees and publicly branded them as hypocrites.

Brethren, the Jesus of your Bible is not the weakling portrayed by the false teachers of this world! The true Jesus, The Son of the living God, is a real hero anyone can admire and look up to for strength, wisdom and truth. He is the very type of person we should want to imitate.  He is the ROCK of our salvation, and the only true savior of mankind. There's no other savior; there can be no other way to the Kingdom except through Jesus the Messiah. He is able to bring us into the Kingdom if we will just trust, and obey Him, and follow Him wherever He goes.

Jesus would never keep the holidays of Christmas, Easter, or Halloween. He would never have anything to do with a cross as a thing to use in worship to the Holy Father in heaven. Jesus is the true loving shepherd that would never use people for gain like the false ministers do with the tithing burden they place on poor widows. Brethren, don't let one of these wolves in shepherd's clothing lead you away from such a great loving and powerful friend as we have in our Messiah Jesus.

Timothy M. Youngblood