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Spirit of Truth


Everyone has heard the word Truth but the  question is have you considered the awesome and complete depth of Truth? I was praying and meditating on this concept and I considerd the biblical truth that the Holy Spirit is the spirit of Truth and just what that means to all of us. The more pure something is true such as mathematics or beautiful music and even pure color  the more pure it becomes. When truth is extracted from anything that mankind wishes to do  then it ceases to function correctly. One example is mankind  is allowed to fly  but only if  the aircraft Works Within  the Laws of gravity. If for any reason the Truth of the Laws of gravity is violated then the aircraft plunges to the ground. When God with the power of the Holy Spirit Created the Heavens and the Earth and ALL things that are in existence it was done with Complete and Absolute truth and it is sustained through Absolute truth. With this understanding that the holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and is the power behind all things therefore being directly from the Holy Father it causes one to realize that the path to Salvation is Truth which leads to the eternal blood sacrifice of the eternal Lamb. 

Satan is the father of Lies which is the "Opposite of Truth"  therefore Satan IS THE LIE which is full of Darkness. To not work diligently to  eradicate the lie and purify the truth in all that we do is to work towards Darkness instead of the Light. When the Holy Father reveals truth to us we have a choice to accept or reject it and our lives will be affected according to our decision because if we reject the truth when given to us  we reject the Holy Father and will remain in a state of deception until we accept the truth that was given. Remember Jesus made a profound statement saying that if anyone blasphemes Him they can be forgiven but if anyone Blasphemes the Holy Spirit which is the spirit of Truth they cannot be forgiven in this life or in the world to come. The reason a person  cannot be forgiven  for blaspheming the Holy Spirit  is because the Holy Spirit is the sum Total of all existence.

Again lets deeply consider that our Master; The Holy Father is the Spirit of Truth and the Spirit of Truth is the Power of God which is also All Life and all that Sustains life therefore those who deny the Spirit of Truth  deny the Holy Father therefore death can overtake and HOLD those who deny the Spirit  of Truth. It was the Holy Spirit that impregnated Mary and that is the reason Jesus referrs to Himself  as the Son of the Holy Father. Again the Spirit of God  actually destroys death and all negative aspects because death is negative just as is poor health and is why we grow old and this negativity cannot dwell in the presence of the power and Life of the Holy Father. 

This is the reason I can stand firmly on the Truth that the path to Salvation which is the Eternal Blood Sacrifice of Jesus the Messiah can Only be reached through the Path of Truth. Please do not just read through this post but take these concept and go to your closet in private and pray to the Holy Father and ask that your minds be opened so that you can enter into the glory of Our Lord and being in His presence for eternity. 

Timothy M. Youngblood

The Master's Table