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Messianic Jews ~ Should we follow their teachings?


Some history on the Messianic Jews
The Church's Mission to Jews was founded in Britain in 1809, the Hebrew Christian Alliance was formed in 1866 and the International Hebrew Christian Alliance was formed in 1925, but believers still joined Christian churches. Messianic Jews with some exceptions, consider the written Torah (Pentateuch), the five books of Moses, to remain fully in force and a holy covenant, to be observed both morally and ritually, by those who profess faith in God. They believe that Yeshua taught and re-affirmed the Torah, rather than doing away with it. The Tanakh and New Testament (sometimes called the B’rit Chadasha) are usually considered the established and divinely inspired Biblical scripture by Messianic Judaism. Messianic Jews are much more open to criticism of the established canon of the New Testament, since there was not considered to be a standard canon until the Gentile Church established one in the 4th century, when many Jewish sects devoted to the teachings and messiah-ship of Jesus were on the decline.

As I researched the religion of Messianic Jews and their beliefs I found that Jews and Christians wanting to merge the two religions together confused many teachings because each wanted their own religions with each ones preconceived beliefs. The Jews that come to realize that Jesus the Messiah was the true Messiah that was prophesied to come in the Old Testament wanted to accept Him as the Messiah but wanted to continue in their old beliefs because they concluded that these teachings in the Torah (Five books of Moses.) could never be made void because they were God breathed. It is true that many writings in the Torah were God breathed however what they failed to realize is what the book of Hebrews in the New Testament teaches which is in order for there to be a change of the priesthood there must also be a change of the law. When I show the true facts from the book of Hebrews to a Messianic Jew they tell me the book of Hebrews is not accepted by many of them. I personally accept the book of Hebrews as inspired by God and for a good study on this check out the link at the end of this letter.

It is this misunderstanding that is drawing many Christians into going back to the old Mosaic Law instead of understanding that by accepting the eternal blood sacrifice of the Messiah God writes His Law in the minds and hearts of the believer. This does not mean we are to do away with right behavior and do as we please but more to come to the understanding that we must quit sinning because we have come to understand what sin is. Because we understand that sin destroys all in its path and when one comes to truly understand what that means then one overcomes sin because they have changed with understanding and not just because of a law. What God is looking for in the hearts and minds of those The Holy Father calls is obedience by free will rather than the fear of punishment. Yes the old Law teaches what sin is but the new covenant changes the person to become like God in understanding and action.

Let's understand brethren that God is working in several different phases and when one phase is complete He moves on to the next that is also build from the last. This does not make the last phase wrong but no longer needed as the Apostle Paul stated the old covenant laws were our school master to bring us to the saving grace of the anointed Lamb sent for our salvation. If one would just study the old covenant rituals set up for the priesthood one would see that the teachings and actions of Jesus was in fact a mirror image.

The Torah is the five books of Moses and includes the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. Remember the books of Leviticus, and Deuteronomy give a great deal of Laws that include clean and unclean laws not only of the diet but of the body as well. For those that want to go back under the Law of Moses believing that the Torah is still in effect and they must live by it either have not read it or have read it and therefore must keep it as written thus the eternal blood sacrifice of the Messiah is of no effect for them; They are under the Law and not grace. Remember brethren to be under grace means you are no longer BOUND by the Law. If you want to do some study into this check out the clean and unclean laws concerning touching a dead man, a bone of a dead man or even being in the same room with a dead person.

This law alone would make unclean many people that pick up the dead or do autopsies as well as those that prepare the dead for burial. What about those that are unclean and then touch an object in a store and then you come by and pick it up? You will be unclean and not even know it! The law states they will be unclean for seven days after they did what was required for cleansing. This means if the thousands of people who deal with the dead in this country alone would not only spend a great deal of time going through the cleansing process but would have to wait seven days before they could do their job again. It states in Num 19:11-12; “He who touches the dead body of anyone shall be unclean seven days. He shall purify himself with the hyssop water on the third day and on the seventh day; then he will be clean.”

What about when a woman is on her period? The Law of Moses in the book of Leviticus states that she is unclean and anything she touches is unclean including her bed and whoever touches those things shall be unclean as well. What if you (As one who is under the Mosaic Laws) are in a store and even one woman is on her period touches things on the shelf and replaces them because she decided not to buy the idem and then someone who lives under the Mosaic Laws comes along and buys the idem and takes it home to her family how will she know to cleanse herself and the idem? She will have made here family unclean. The point here is if we lived in a Nation that strictly kept these Laws then we could be more sure of obedience, however we live in a country that is very diverse in religion and beliefs as well as being very unclean.

I will not go into more of this law as recorded in the Old Testament however if you want to continue the study I have written one titled...
Are we still under the Law of Moses?” which you can access at this URL ... Law of Moses

Also for a good detailed study into the book of Hebrews click on...

Timothy M. Youngblood
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