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This is not written to be judgmental but more informative as no human has the right to judge to condemnation unless Jesus gives them the authority as He did the 12 Apostles. We all sin and those that are strong in one area of the flesh will fail in other areas. I'm not saying that sin is ok, or should be excused either, but that sin is sin and we all need to understand that we should not judge to condemnation. I do not write this to offend anyone with this article or to excuse any sin but to inform in order so some may see this truth and change.

Many churches that proclaim they are Christians are accepting homosexuality as a life style and sermons against this perversion of God’s creation are very seldom given. Some may ask why I state homosexuality is a perversion of God’s creation so let’s take an honest look at it from God’s point of view.

The family unit consists of the Grandparents from the father’s side and of the mother’s as well who are the parents with children and then there are the brothers and sisters from the two families along with their children who are cousins to the children. This unit can become very large in time and also very powerful when everyone owns land in a community.

This type of unit that God designed gives all within the family a support system for the kind of love that can only come by way of all being in some way of the same blood. It provides education, discipline that comes from wanting to belong to the family and working together to secure the health and well-being of all. The family unit provides personal protection as well as support during hard times and support for things such as weddings and even helping each other with building barns, homes, and sharing in the crops and meat that comes from the ones that farm.

Everyone in the family hurts when one member hurts and rejoices when a member rejoices. They know for a fact that they are strong as a family unit and no outsider can divide them. When the Ten commandments from God is placed in the entire family the unit becomes one and stronger because each member has learned and experienced how the Commands of God affect everyone in a positive way if kept and a negative way when broken.

Contrary to some peoples beliefs God has never made a law just to see His people jump through hoops. God always has the best intent for all when He commands we do something or that we not do an act. So with the above understanding of a family unit that God commands we should have and the way He created us to be a part of let’s look at the perversion of this concept.

Two men or women wanting to marry can’t have blood children. They will not have the same commitment to each other because they have broken the law of family as we covered above. The law of family works just like the law of gravity, and if anything goes against gravity the results are never good. When God creates anything He places a law with it to insure its existence and to pervert anything God has created also causes negative results.

A cat cannot mate with any other living thing that does not come from the cat family. This is true in all that God has created no matter if we are referring to humans, animals, birds, reptiles or plants. Not a single one can continue in existence if any one of them tries to step outside of the laws of creation. This fact we see in all living things is proof that there is not only a creator but He placed a law within everything He created. To deny this fact or teach otherwise only makes one a fool!

I stated on a social network that if you know about my teachings you will know that I teach very sternly against the religion that allows pagan gods to be presented to people who are thinking they are following the real Messiah but in truth they follow the false Christ and I have stated they COULD be in DANGER of condemnation or they COULD lose salvation because Jesus stated He is the only way into the kingdom. Any other way is not the way into the kingdom according to Jesus so I never condemned anyone for observing pagan holidays but warning that they follow a pagan god made by men.

I will close with asking all men that are responsible in education no matter if in a school, or church to teach and keep this truth concerning why Homosexuality is sin for the sake of all creation.

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Timothy M. Youngblood

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