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God's true message can be detected!

If there could be a symphony orchestra made up of seven groups and playing the same music it would be extremely beautiful to witness. The harmonious combination of instruments would be almost like hearing the angels of God sing. Think of the seven orchestrators working together in perfect harmony and what kind of discipline it would take for those playing in the orchestra.

Now with this in mind think about the Church that Jesus left to the (orchestrators) we know of as the apostles. They were filled with the power of the Holy Spirit and went out preaching the very message Jesus brought from the Holy Father. They were very faithful to that message just as those orchestrators over a symphony orchestra.

Now the point here is if one member playing an instrument; or one of the seven orchestrators over this symphony orchestra would not stay true to the overall plan they would stand out and be viewed as the ones that destroyed a great symphony.

If we look at the Catholic Church and the thousands of other Churches going under the Name of the Messiah what category would you place them under?

Just the fact that the Churches are divided and teach contrary to the TRUE message Jesus brought to us shows that they are in apostasy and have become pagan. The question is brethren how can you know if YOUR Church is staying to the truth of the words and will of God?

The answer is to use the Holy Spirit of God and LISTEN!

Timothy M. Youngblood
The Master's Table