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Murder accepted as a Medical Procedure:


I challenge you to have the courage to read this!

Abortion is a shadow word for murder when the word is used to describe the ending of life. I call this murder in the dark because just like those (“extermination camps”) in southern Poland in what became known as "Auschwitz” people that lived around the area explained they did not know that the ashes in the sky was the ashes of thousands of men, women, and children being exterminated.

When people can be allowed to deny the facts of such a great evil they will take the easy way out just like the term abortion has the connotation of a medical procedure and that gives the millions of Christians that preach against Murder to excuse themselves from it and therefore they don’t have to act on it.

The fact of the matter is Christians (Like the people near "Auschwitz) needed to see what is actually going on in their back yard. Question is how many abortion doctors and nurses go to your church every week end and sing praises to God? Do they speak about their job while in conversations with the brethren? I would think not! So the point here is the reason Abortion (Murder of the most innocent) can take place at the rate of around one child a second is because millions of people including ministers have deceived themselves by accepting the concept that if it is sanctioned (A principle that dictates an ethical choice.) by the Government and performed by a “licensed Doctor” (Legal permission) as a medical procedure then God must have approved as well RIGHT?

In antiquity children were publicly killed and offered on altars to the gods of ancient cultures. Is the practice of sacrificing children still occurring today in America that claims to be One Nation Under God? Although women and abortion doctors may not be offering these children in sacrifice to the pagan god Moloch, these children are being sacrificed to the present-day idols of personal looks, ease of lifestyles and even riches.  

Ancient peoples gave their children in sacrifice for the favor of pagan gods like Moloch, and the Idols of Canaan in the hope that such favor would result in material blessings or good health. The question is what did the creator God state about this? Let’s read it as recorded in Ps 106:37-38; “They even sacrificed their sons and their daughters to demons, And shed innocent blood, the blood of their sons and daughters, whom they sacrificed to the idols of Canaan; and the land was polluted with blood.” God went on to state that He would curse those that do such things as shedding innocent blood.

Many women today kill their unborn children in the same way desiring that their child’s death will result in material blessings because the child in her may prevent an opportunity for her career as well as not wanting to spend time and money caring for the child. There is no difference because in ancient and modern times the life of the child is seen as something to be used as a means rather than a person that could add to the family or society. In both cases they selfishly murder their own innocent children in cold blood.

QUESTION: How many serial killers become abortion doctors?

Many will even use the argument from the New Testament recorded in Hebrew chapter 13:17 that states we need to obey those who rule over us, and be submissive, for they watch over us and they must give account. However they don’t want to read the scripture in Acts 5:25-29 recording that Peter and the other apostles answered and said: "We ought to obey God rather than men.”

I’m not a wealthy man so I’m asking those that are and truly want to stop this murder in the dark to use your money and or positions to EXPOSE the truth about what is happening in these human chop shops like the one we see being put on trial because he did not go by proper procedure. Yes Kermit Gosnell is on trial after he caused the death of the mother that went in to have her child murdered and the testimony’s of those that witnessed the horrors in that hell house stating that at times it rained baby parts and blood, and that the serial killer Gosnell ordered some to cut off the heads of those children still alive for at least 20 minutes and could have been saved! It is reported that Planned Parenthood murdered 333,964 children from 2011 - 2012. That is just one Organization and when we calculate the true number across this great Christian Nation "America" in one day it comes to 120,000.

YES it is just a medical procedure as long as no one places the true pictures on billboards across this nation. If the Government states this would be to offensive for children to look at then ask why is it not to offensive to do it at all? If it to offensive for children to look at then believe me when I say IT IS TO OFFENSIVE FOR GOD TO LOOK AT!

If we as a Nation and especially those that profess to follow the true Messiah Jesus don’t STAND UP for the unborn defenseless children that are being murdered for profit then I say without reservation that we will surly without a doubt be visited when we least expect it and we will not like what God is bringing. It is so terrible that it is recorded that men’s hearts will stop at the sight of His wrath.

For the truth and what needs to be brought out of the shadows see …

Regards in Jesus service
Timothy M. Youngblood

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